The specimen above is named Jonathan Chan, No. 31281669. Ever since he was a child, he has been very interested in playing games and also making them too. One can even say it was his childhood dream to have his own games published and played by others around the world. He grew up playing chess (of the Chinese variety and the international one as well), Risk, and Magic: the Gathering. In Jonathan’s university years, he was exposed to board games of the European style.

Now, the specimen is looking to finally achieve his dream of publishing games that bring not only entertainment to the people, but also to inspire people to think strategically. For this, Jonathan has founded Lumesperia, in an attempt to do just that!

Specimen currently resides in Mississauga (it’s close to Toronto), Canada and has been there for a while. He enjoys reading, particularly history and philosophy, as well as playing the piano. The specimen has allowed us to share his contact information. He can be reached at jonathan.chan@lumesperia.com.

This concludes our report on the specimen.

– Onajah Tan Nach, Martian Professor of Human Studies